1. Log into the Microsoft Teams desktop app

  2. Start or join your Teams meeting 

  3. In the pre-join screen, click the ellipsis to bring up a "More actions" menu

    How_to_change_background_on_Micosoft_Teams_ _2

  4. Click Show Background effects The Background effects button

    How_to_change_background_on_Micosoft_Teams_ _3

  5. Choose a background from the sidebar menu. Select Add new
    (Note: when this menu appears, your video will stop being visible to others until you click "Apply and turn on video")

  6. Navigate to your personalized Covve video call background and select it
  7. Click Apply and turn on video

    How_to_change_background_on_Micosoft_Teams_ _4

  8. You will now have your Covve video call background selected as your background in Microsoft Teams